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Higher Mind Reiki Pricing


This internal modality will help you explore your relationship with holistic health, provide an opportunity to dissolve limiting beliefs, build trust in yourself, create balance and connection with your mind, body, and spirit, and open up to new possibilities.

Balancing Rocks

Evolution One: The Foundation

Level I

The SINK IN and SYNC UP level

You'll learn, on a personal level, what reiki is. You will learn how to sink into your soul and how to synchronize your mind, body, and soul.


You'll learn about Soul Cravings and how to recognize and release other people's energy that is caught up in yours.


This level is very insightful. Some even say it's life changing!

Level II



You will use the power of the mind, coupled with your body and soul to look at and analyze your own chakras for balancing, opening, and clearing.

You will also learn how to feel into, analyze, and give reiki to a teammate that you are sitting across from - no touch reiki.

This takes you into the Distant Reiki portion where you'll practice sending reiki to a friend or family member. 

Level III

The (Self) MASTER level 

After two full days of training and getting personal with reiki, level three elevates your awareness through symbols. First, we'll meditate to open you up to receive your own personal symbol. Then you will learn how to attune yourself to symbols. 

With all the information you've learned over the course, you'll practice reiki on your classmates. 

You'll receive a


Master certificate at the end of this level. 

Purchase the entire course for only $639.00.

Prices subject to change.

Our next in-person HMR course will be offered over the following three Saturdays:
May 18 (level I), June 1 (level II), and June 15 (level III)
Class each day is from 10 AM - 5 PM

You must attend all three levels to receive a HIGHER MIND REIKI master certificate.
Click the "JOIN US" button below to register!

All of our upcoming classes are listed on Meetup. So even if you can't join us now, by becoming a member (free), you will be notified of future HIGHER MIND REIKI classes. If you do not want to join Meetup, please email us at for payment arrangements. Thank you. 
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