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A seeker's course for the 21st century.

"Stay in the center of the circle and let all things take their course."
- Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

Registration is open for our May course!
Last chance for our Introductory Rate. Price will increase for our Fall 2024 course.
See registration details below.

Image by Deniz Altindas

Our Higher Mind Reiki pre-recorded online course is in production! ETA is June 2024!





Cathartic, empowering, life-changing


Introducing HIGHER MIND REIKI - a dynamic and empowering course that is changing lives.


As a Reiki master for the past decade, I have witnessed the transformative power of Reiki firsthand. However, it's time for us to evolve and rise to meet the incredible energy of Higher Mind Reiki (HMR).


While other Reiki modalities focus on helping others (an external modality), HIGHER MIND REIKI is about personal healing, self-empowerment, and self-mastery (an internal modality). This internal modality will help you explore your relationship with holistic health, provide an opportunity to dissolve limiting beliefs, build trust in yourself, create balance and connection with your mind, body, and spirit, and open up to new possibilities. 

With this cutting-edge approach, you can achieve inner peace and develop an intuitive understanding of how reiki energy works – giving you the tools necessary to become a master of self-healing. And for those who want to practice on others, the more you understand it for yourself, the more effective you'll be for them, too. 

​HMR is for the seeker. The healer. The one who is ready to take direct, focused action in their life. It’s for those who want more confidence and no longer want to feel invisible.

​It’s about you, your personal healing journey, and your spiritual evolution. It’s also about how all of us are part of the Collective. As we do better individually, so we all do better as a whole. 


There are three EVOLUTIONS in the HMR program.


Begin your journey with EVOLUTION ONE, THE FOUNDATION. This course is similar to standard reiki I , II, and III.


In our Foundation series, you are the primary focus. It's about getting personal with reiki. Throughout this three-day course, you'll learn:

  • A clear understanding of what reiki is

  • How to Sink In and Sync Up: Synchronizing the spirit, mind, and body

  • How, when, and why to use reiki

  • How to connect, through reiki, with another person (with their permission) to send them reiki

  • How to tap into a classmate's energy body while sitting across from them (without touching them). This is a great intuition builder!

  • How to energetically manipulate different body parts without physically moving them

  • How to recognize Soul Cravings

  • How to recognize and clear unwanted energy from your energy body 

  • Spiritual meanings and causes for dis-ease

  • Chakras and the Elements for easier understanding of the chakra system

  • How to attune yourself to reiki and any symbol you choose

  • Meditation to get your own personal symbol


At the end of level three, you will receive a HIGHER MIND REIKI master certificate of completion. This certification shows your dedication to your own journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-empowerment. 


There is no prerequisite for this course. Previous energy medicine training is not required. However, if you have previously taken a reiki class and forgot what you learned or if you didn't receive adequate instruction, you are welcome to take this class. 


​If you’ve taken a reiki class before and walked out saying, “I still don’t know what reiki is”, this course is for you, too.


This reiki training is in-house at the Soulspirational Wellness Studio in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Online course coming soon.

You must complete level 3 to get the Higher Mind Reiki Master Certificate.

Class includes a comprehensive Higher Mind Reiki manual. 

Our next in-person HMR course will be offered over the following three Saturdays:
May 18 (level I), June 1 (level II), and June 15 (level III)
Class each day is from 10 AM - 5 PM

You must attend all three levels to receive a HIGHER MIND REIKI master certificate.
Click the "JOIN US" button below to register!

Introductory Rate of $639 for all 3 days! Price will increase for our Fall 2024 course. Reserve your spot now!

All of our upcoming classes are listed on the social site Meetup. We can be found under the name Soulspirational Wellness in Wadsworth, OH. So even if you can't join us now, by becoming a member (free), you will be notified of future HIGHER MIND REIKI classes. 
Thank you. 

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Students with no prior reiki experience are learning what it is and how to use it.


Students with previous experience are experiencing reiki in a deeper and more personal way.

ALL are gaining insight and experiencing the joy of self-healing. Students are truly learning the power of their mind, body, and spirit. 

Come join us for this amazing self-healing and self-mastery course.

It's empowering!

LEVEL ONE is all about you.

You'll learn, on a personal level, what reiki is. You will learn how to sink into your soul and how to synchronize your mind, body, and soul. You'll learn how to locate energy in your soul that isn't yours, and how to release it. It's amazing how other people's thoughts, words, judgments, etc. affect us. Get it out of there. Their energy does not belong in your body.

​Connecting with this divine healing energy within us, we'll spend time breaking free from limiting and false beliefs. This is very insightful and empowering. One student even called it life-changing.

​Also, during this first day, you will attune yourself to reiki through meditation. In Westernized reiki courses, the teacher attunes the student. This, to me, is a hierarchy. You don't need anyone to do for you what you can do for yourself. You have the power right now, today, to do so on your own. This class shows you how. It's amazing!

LEVEL TWO covers the chakra system and distant reiki.


First you'll learn how to use the elements associated with the chakras. Many find it easier to learn about the chakras through this association. It can give great insight as to whether your chakras or in or out of balance. 

You'll learn how to feel into the front and back sides of your chakras. Even a basic understanding of the chakras is beneficial for keeping your energy flowing more smoothly. It can give us great insight as to how people and situations affect our subtle energy body.

​In the afternoon, you will use the power of reiki that flows through you to connect with a classmate's energy body. Your insight can help them release what they've been holding onto. You have the power to help others on an energetic level. You'll also practice sending reiki to a family member or friend. 

Though we expand out to others in this level, it's still about YOU. It is the power you have right now, today - the power of your mind, body, and soul.

LEVEL THREE is about symbols and the practice of giving a hands-on reiki treatment to a classmate. 

We'll begin the morning with a meditation, guiding you to your own personal symbol. This has been an exciting element for students. Some, to their surprise, found their symbol online, after it came to them in meditation. Others have been given unique symbols that they use for their own healing or connection. 

Following, you will learn how to attune yourself to symbols. Though most standard reiki classes attune the students to reiki, here, you are empowered to attune yourself and to the symbols that you choose. This is a self-mastery course, after all!

​The afternoon portion of the class is dedicated to the practice of reiki on a classmate. In standard reiki classes, this is done in level I. We have reserved it until the end of the course so you have time to get more comfortable with using reiki before you use it on others. It just makes sense. 

In reflection at the end of level III, you will have accomplished a great many things throughout this course. The culmination leads to a HIGHER MIND REIKI Master certificate!! 



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"The class was absolutely amazing!  I left feeling so empowered. Like, this is life changing. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and energy"
"Iam feeling amazing! I have been buzzing since class. I love the way I feel. I can't thank you enough."
“My heart isn't as heavy as I get more clarity. I am so glad I signed up.”
"An amazing clear view of Reiki.
A beautiful journey of self-awareness. Serene empowerment that I hope to share with others."
"This is a total different approach to Reiki. I love the feeling from syncing in. Just a great class."
"I have no previous Reiki experience but decided to try this class. I have had other classes with Tish and really learned a lot and enjoyed them. Reiki has opened my mind and spirit to new possibilities to expand myself spiritually and be of service to others. I have been able to offer healing to my friends and pets. I highly recommend this course, even for those with previous Reiki training. You will learn much and find your mind expanded."
"Higher Mind Reiki was a transformative experience for me. As a non-traditional Reiki level 2 practitioner, this class tackled and addressed several of the constraining barriers found within the traditional reiki system. The foundation of reiki still stand strong within this course, but allows for much more freedom for creativity and expression. The skills help me in my daily life. I'm very grateful for Tish's take on Reiki for a newer generation."
"After this course I know what Reiki is and I can feel it. It has helped me learn more about who I am and connect to the spiritual world around me. We choose personal symbols to connect to in HMR. I chose the Celtic double spiral and attuned to it. When practicing Reiki in class, I was incredibly tired and couldn't feel the chakra I was trying to assess. Tish suggested I visualize my symbol and once I did, I felt the energy in my entire body. My hands started tingling and I could see the chakra to balance it. It was amazing how that personal symbol brought the Reiki energy immediately, even though I was physically tired."
Attending the Reiki class was a truly transformative experience for me. The serene and supportive atmosphere allowed me to fully immerse myself in learning. Not only did I gain valuable skills for energy healing, but I also found a deeper sense of inner peace and balance.  I left the class feeling rejuvenated and empowered, equipped with a new tool to enhance my wellness journey.
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